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Confidentiality Policy & Agreement

ATS Creative Academy CIC –


General principles


1.1.      ATS Creative Academy CIC recognises that employees, volunteers and trustees gain information about individuals and organisations during the course of their work or activities. In most cases such information will not be stated as confidential and colleagues may have to exercise common sense and discretion in identifying whether information is expected to be confidential. This policy aims to give guidance but if in doubt, seek advice from your line manager.

1.2.      Colleagues are able to share information with their line manager in order to discuss issues and seek advice.

1.3.      Colleagues should avoid exchanging personal information or comments (gossip) about individuals with whom they have a professional relationship.

1.4.      It is not appropriate to discuss a person’s sexuality (i.e. ‘outing’ a gay person) without their prior consent.

1.5.      Colleagues should avoid talking about organisations or individuals in social settings.

1.6.      Information given to staff members or volunteers acting on behalf of ATS Creative Academy CIC is considered to be given to ATS Creative Academy CIC as an agency rather than to the individual staff member or volunteer.  In order to give the best possible service to users of ATS Creative Academy CIC services, it is sometimes desirable to share information with other colleagues in the organisation.

1.7.      Constructive liaison with other agencies is sometimes essential if individuals and groups are to be offered an effective service by ATS Creative Academy CIC.  However, confidential matters must not be discussed outside of ATS Creative Academy CIC without the prior permission of the individual or organisation.

1.8.      Where there is a legal duty on ATS Creative Academy CIC to disclose information, the person to whom the confidentiality is owed will be informed that disclosure has or will be made.

2.         Why information is held


2.1.      Most information held by ATS Creative Academy CIC relates to Schools, Youth Centres, Youth Groups, Colleges, Youth Charities, London Borough of Merton Youth Services & Engagement Team, Police, CAMHs (Where Needed) or any other Youth services which support or fund Young People.

2.2.      Information may be kept to enable ATS Creative Academy CIC to understand the history and activities of organisations in order to deliver the most appropriate services.

Safeguarding at ATS Creative Academy CIC



The Lead Senior Designated Professional is: Mr Ja'Anubis Iqhawe


The Lead e-Safety Professional is: Miss Crawford


What is Safeguarding?


Safeguarding is about protecting our children from abuse or neglect.


At ATS Creative Academy, the safety and well-being of our youth is of the utmost importance, and we are all responsible for the safety of children. We ensure that we are doing all we can to protect the most vulnerable members of our community.


Each and every one of our staff believe that our unit should provide a caring, positive safe, and stimulating environment that promotes the social, physical and moral development of the individual child.


All staff receive training on safeguarding, and our unit is fully compliant with “Working together to Safeguard Children” and “Safeguarding children and safer recruitment in education.” In addition, all of our staff have completed Prevent training.


We support children’s development in ways that will nurture security, confidence and independence. Our environment ensures that children and young people feel safe, valued, respected, and feel confident so our children know how to approach adults if they are in difficulties; and understand that all adults will help them.


We provide a systematic means of monitoring children known or thought to be at risk of harm, and ensure we, the unit, contribute to assessments of need and support packages for those children. We have a structured procedure within the unit which will be followed by all members of the unit in cases of suspected abuse.


ATS Creative Academy has a commitment to safeguarding children and all staff posts are subject to DBS clearance. ATS Directors only, for the purpose of the Proceedings of your Enhanced Disclosure, and shall not be shared with any other outside parties of the ATS Creative Academy CIC organization)


All staff and visitors working within our unit who have substantial access to children have been checked as to their suitability, including verification of their identity, qualifications, and a satisfactory DBS check (according to guidance) and a central record is kept.


All visitors will agree to:*


  1. Not use their mobile telephones or smart devices around the Unit.

  2. Provide a good example and be a positive role-model by being respectful, fair and considerate to all.

  3. Treat all children equally.

  4. Not photograph children, exchange email addresses, text messages, and phone numbers or give out your own personal details.

  5. Only touch children for professional reasons and when this is necessary and appropriate for the child’s well-being and safety.

  6. Please ensure that you wear your name badge or visitors badge at all times.


All visitors and volunteers to the unit are made aware of our safeguarding procedures. Visitors are not permitted to use their mobile telephones or smart devices on the unit grounds.


If you are concerned about a child


Merton Safeguarding Children Board


Telephone Numbers


Merton Children's Services: 0208 545 4226


Tooting Police Station: 0207 230 1212


LADO (London Authority Designated Officers): 0208 489 2968






ATS Creative Academy’s Alternative Education is committed to the highest possible standards of honesty, openness and accountability. It seeks to conduct its affairs in a responsible manner, to ensure that all its activities are openly and effectively managed, and that the Unit’s integrity and the principles of public interest disclosure are sustained.


In line with that commitment, all members of staff and those working on behalf of the Unit who have serious concerns about any aspect of the Unit’s work are encouraged to come forward and voice those concerns to the Head Of Unit. Staff not only have the right but also a duty to report any improper actions or omissions, particularly where the welfare of young people may be at risk. Where any member of staff decides to report a serious incident within the scope of this policy, whether anonymously or otherwise, this will be treated as a ‘protected’ disclosure. Staff members should feel reassured that they can raise concerns in accordance with this policy without fear of victimisation, subsequent discrimination or disadvantage.

Data Protection Policy

ATS Creative Academy CIC –



1. Introduction

The Data Protection Act covers information about individuals which is held on computer or in a manual filing system, or which is recorded with the intention that it will be part of such systems. The Act applies to people or organisations that use or hold such personal data.

The Act is based on the right of the individual (the Data Subject) to know what information is being held about them, and how the information will be used. The Act sets out principles to ensure that personal data is:

•          processed fairly and lawfully

•          obtained only for specified purposes

•          relevant to the purposes for which it is processed

•          accurate and kept up to date

•          not kept for longer than is necessary

•          processed according to the rights of the Data Subject under the Act

•          protected against unauthorised processing, accidental loss or damage

•          not transferred to areas outside of the European Union (including via websites)

ATS Creative Academy CIC holds personal information on [volunteers, staff, service users].

ATS Creative Academy CIC seeks to comply with both the letter and the spirit of the Act.

2.  Scope of the policy

•          Staff and volunteer personal records will be kept at ATS Creative Academy CIC in accordance with its procedures

•          ATS Creative Academy CIC staff and volunteers, other than the Head Mentor/s and/or Mental Health Officer Miss Tara McCue* in the course of their duty, do not have access to information on other staff or volunteers

•          When staff and volunteers leave, all personnel documents will be kept in accordance with ATS Creative Academy CIC’s procedures

•          Staff and volunteers have the right to see the information held on them by ATS Creative Academy CIC. Requests should be in writing to Secretor Kimberli Leacock and ATS Creative Academy CIC will provide a copy of the information within two weeks of receiving the request. No charge is made.

•       Information about individuals will not be disclosed to any third party outside of ATS Creative Academy CIC without the permission of the individual.

•       Where photographs of staff and/or volunteers are used to publicise or promote the organisation, permission will be sought from individuals and the photograph used for a specified length of time.


This policy is to be read in conjunction with the following policies/documents:

♣  Computer Use, Internet & Email Guidance and Policy

♣  Confidentiality Policy

♣  Whistle-blowing Policy



* Designated Person Secretary Kimberli Leacock



Review date: November 2024

Customer Care Policy


ATS Creative Academy CIC –


Policy Statement


ATS Creative Academy CIC aims to set clear standards of service and to regularly review and improve performance. ATS Creative Academy CIC’s resources will be used effectively and efficiently in order to provide the highest standard of service to all stakeholders.

ATS Creative Academy CIC will openly provide clear information about its services, which will be easily accessible to everyone who needs them.  All enquiries and complaints will be dealt with in a prompt manner. Present and potential users of ATS Creative Academy CIC services will be consulted with, and their views will be used to continually improve the service provided.


Six Standards for Customer Care


1.   Responding to correspondence

ATS Creative Academy CIC will answer all correspondence from the public - including letters, faxes and emails – in a fast and clear manner.


•          To answer all correspondence within 5 working days.



2.   Appointments

ATS Creative Academy CIC staff will see people punctually when an appointment has been made at its office. If no appointment has been made, ATS Creative Academy CIC staff will endeavour to see people as promptly as is reasonably possible. Duration of appointment to be agreed when booked.


•          To see people within 10 minutes of any appointment that has been made.



3.   Answering telephone calls

Telephone calls will be answered in a fast and helpful manner. Ansaphone messages on main enquiry line will be responded to daily.


•          To answer calls to main telephone enquiry line within six rings





4.   Information

ATS Creative Academy CIC will provide clear and straightforward information about its services and those of other local voluntary organisations to help people find the information needed.


•          To publicise telephone enquiry number and email addresses and the ATS Creative Academy CIC website for public enquiries.



5.   Complaints procedures

ATS Creative Academy CIC will publicise its complaints procedure and promptly deal with any complaints received.


•          To publicise the complaints procedure on the ATS Creative Academy CIC website, and have complaints procedure displayed in ATS Creative Academy CIC’s offices.



6.   Access of services to all

ATS Creative Academy CIC will do everything that is reasonably possible to make its services available to everyone, including people with specific needs.


•          To consult with users and potential users regularly about the services ATS Creative Academy CIC provides, and report annually to the Trustee Board. 

•          To consider changes in service as a result of the consultation.


The policy and targets will be reviewed by the Trustee Board every five years.



This policy is to be read in conjunction with the following policies:

♣    Complaints

♣    Confidentiality

♣    Equality & Diversity

♣    Data Protection



Review date: November 2024

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